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1. The tradition of bringing a tree indoors at Christmas started in:
England     Germany     Norway


2. Real trees are a renewable resource.
True         False
3. Trees from dinosaurs are a renewable resource. (plastic trees)
True         False
4. Which of the following is naturally scented?
Aluminum Tree     Plastic Tree     Real Tree
 5. About how long does it take to grow a 'Real Christmas Tree'
1 to 3 years     4 to 12 years     12 to 20 years
 6. For every 1000 Real Christmas Trees harvested, how many are replanted?
0 to 500        500 to 1000        1000 to 2000
 7. How long does it take to "grow" an artificial plastic tree?
1 million years     5 million years     10 million years
 8. Artificial trees are usually recycled when they're thrown away?
True       False
 9. Which tree provides a year round habitat for birds and animals?
A real tree       An artificial tree
 10. Which forest would most people prefer to have a picnic in?
A forest of real trees       A forest of plastic trees


  Check your Answers

  see if you deserve a

         'Real Tree'