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Our trees are not cut until the day you're ready to take yours home and put it in water.  We offer Leyland Cypress, White Pine, Virginia Pine, Red Cedar, Deodar Cedar, Carolina Sapphire, Blue Ice and precut Fraser Fir. The Leyland Cypress is our most popular tree. It's the real Christmas tree that will not drop needles. We furnish the saw and a tree cart to bring your tree in from the field. We also offer free tree cutting service for those who don't care to cut their own. Each tree is mechanically shaken to remove dead needles, abandoned bird nests and anything else that you don't want in your tree. We don't use pesticides on our trees. During the hot summer months, our trees are full of birds, ladybugs, praying mantises and other beneficial insects.    As the weather cools, the birds fly South, the ladybugs move to the ground for warmth and after the first freeze the praying mantises will die. They leave an egg case that will hatch next year's praying mantis. While shaking, we inspect  each tree for egg cases. They're removed and later deposited in the trees for next year.


The trees are tagged with the price, which includes cutting, shaking, bailing and drilling for the tapered pin tree stand.


3850 Highway 81West, Hampton, GA 30228,   Phone 770-707-0854

     GPS - Latitude: N33.422820 - Longitude: W084.299131


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